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Monthly Archives: September, 2010

Richard Dawkins & Co. = Paisley 2.0?

Some years ago, I was invited to address a seminar at the Palace of Westminster for members of the House of Lords and House...

The Pius Wars, continued

In the war over Pius XII and the Holy See’s policy toward Nazi Germany before and during World War II, there are fanatically anti-Pacelli/Pius...

A promise to Pope John Paul II

On the evening of Dec. 15, 2004, I had dinner in the papal apartment with Pope John Paul II and several of his aides....

Questions for candidates in a crucial election

Given the degree to which American politics has deteriorated into barrages of sound-bites, it may seem quixotic—perhaps even idiotic—to indulge my biennial habit of...

The Solidarity difference

Thirty years ago, on Aug. 31, 1980, an electrician named Lech Walesa signed the Gdansk Accords, ending a two-week-old strike at that Hanseatic city’s...
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