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Monthly Archives: April, 2009

Mr. Blair’s Cafeteria

This past Lent, in the course of an interview with Attitude, a gay magazine, Tony Blair said that Pope Benedict XVI’s “entrenched attitude” toward...

A Christian nation?

A few days alter the 2008 election, I was walking toward the Largo Argentina on a cool, clear Roman evening, when I noticed a...

Religious freedom and American security

Full disclosure, up front: Thomas F. Farr, author of World of Faith and Freedom: Why International Religious Liberty Is Vital to American Security (Oxford...

Freed to be images of God

Four distinguished American theologians have died since the beginning of Advent: Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J., Father Richard John Neuhaus, Msgr. William B. Smith, and...

Sisters on a different mountaintop

On Jan. 30, an apostolic visitation of religious orders of women in the United States was announced. The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR),...
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