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Monthly Archives: October, 2008

Praying for those to be elected

There will be much to ponder, once this interminable electoral cycle comes to an end. Why has so much of the campaign seemed like...

CAMPAIGN 2008 – Electing our king

During the debate over ratification of the Constitution, Alexander Hamilton and his Federalists argued for “energy in the executive”—a strong president who would set...

CAMPAIGN 2008 – Life in These United States

According to the conventional wisdom, American elections are usually determined by pocketbook economic issues. This may give too little credit to the American people’s...

CAMPAIGN 2008: The Supremes and the rest of us

Justice John Paul Stevens is 88, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 75. Justice Anthony Kennedy is 72. Justice Stephen Breyer is 70. Justice David...

CAMPAIGN 2008: Iraq and the war against jihadism

No matter who is elected president, American forces will remain in Iraq for a considerable period of time. The serious points at issue have...
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