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Monthly Archives: April, 2008

Light from the East

One of the more jarring transitions in the liturgical year is the rapid switch from the beautiful pastoral exhortations of the First Letter of...

Architecture, ideas, and faith

In my Walter Mitty life, I’m not turning two with Cal Ripken at Camden Yards, or playing the Emperor Concerto with the National Symphony;...

A pope of historic vision

John Paul II arrived in Warsaw on June 2, 1979; there and then, he ignited the revolution of conscience that would give birth to...

Remembering Bill Buckley

Who were the most publicly influential American Catholics of the twentieth century? By shaping Vatican II’s teaching on Church-and-state, Fr. John Courtney Murray, SJ, helped...

‘Gay marriage’ and Father Keenan, once again

I regret having to revisit this matter, but as a point of personal honor has been raised, I must. In early 2003, the Commonwealth of...
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