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Monthly Archives: July, 2007

The case for ‘moral democratic realism’

In The Joys of Yiddish, the late, great Leo Rosten noted with relish the classic definition of chutzpa: “Chutzpa is that quality enshrined in...

California dreamin’, missin’ the real deal

Ah, the summer of 1967. A gangly young Australian priest named George Pell turned up at my Baltimore parish and became a family friend;...

Martyrdom and the Christian future in Iraq

In early June, I received a forwarded e-mail from a correspondent who’s done several tours in Iraq. He, in turn, had just heard from...

Spin and professionalism

The press was even more an unruly beast in 1787 than it is today; yet the Framers of the Constitution gave the fourth estate...
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