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Monthly Archives: April, 2006

The “Truce of 1968,” once again

In 1968, Cardinal Patrick O’Boyle of Washington, D.C., disciplined nineteen priests who had publicly dissented from Pope Paul VI’s teaching in the encyclical Humanae...

The Da Vinci Code opportunity

I was on the road a lot during Lent. And from sea to shining sea, nary an airport bookstore was without a Da Vinci...

The embrace of the cross

Why is the cross the most apt of Christian symbols? G.K. Chesterton offered a typically, well, Chestertonian answer in his masterpiece, Orthodoxy. A circle,...

Remembering John Paul the Great

A year ago, the world stopped, quite literally, to honor a Polish priest and bishop who had touched hearts, minds, and souls unlike any...
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