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Monthly Archives: March, 2006

Europe’s two culture wars

The government of Slovakia fell in early February, when the governing coalition imploded after a fierce parliamentary debate over a report from the European...

60 Minutes and stem cells

The CBS news magazine 60 Minutes prides itself on asking the hard questions that other television news vehicles are too polite, or perhaps too...

Catholic Democrats and abortion: same old same old

A thought exercise: It’s 1964, and Congress is debating the Civil Rights Act. For years, the Catholic bishops of the United States have taught that...

The episcopal opportunity

The late Ronald Knox was thought to have a sterling wit, but I’ve never found anything of his as funny as a proposal attributed...

Reclaiming America’s cathedral

St. Patrick’s is, arguably, the most famous Catholic cathedral in the United States. The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis is, arguably, the most beautiful....
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