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Monthly Archives: November, 2005

That incredible shrinking Advent-Christmas season

Twenty-one years in Washington, D.C., should have rendered me impervious to the bizarre. But I confess to having been taken aback in mid-October when,...

A betrayal of John Paul II

Pope John Paul II had a keen intuition about the dynamics of history in his native part of the world. In mid-1981, John Paul...

Asking the right questions about ‘touching’

Bishop Robert Vasa of Baker, Oregon, is almost certainly going to get himself in hot water with the U.S. Bishops Conference Office of Child...

A Catholic renaissance at Princeton

Having taught James Madison at the College of New Jersey (as Princeton was then known), the Rev. John Witherspoon has a claim to the...

Finding God’s choice

For those who were there, April 2005 in Rome will always be remembered as a month in which one lived a year’s worth of...
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