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Monthly Archives: May, 2002

“Xavier Rynne,” R.I.P.

No reporter or op-ed columnist ever refers to the Dalai Lama as a “liberal” Buddhist or a “conservative” Buddhist. I suspect that’s because everyone...

A saint from Richmond?

On All Souls’ Day last year, I accompanied several priests and students of Rome’s  Pontifical North American College to a Mass being offered at...

Martyrs in Algeria

On March 27, 1996, Muslim extremists kidnapped seven Trappist monks from their monastery in the Atlas Mountains near Algiers. After two months, the Groupe...

What celibacy is, and isn’t

Today’s scandal-time has inevitably raised questions about the celibate priesthood. Most polls indicate that a significant majority of U.S. Catholics would not object to...

From Scandal to Reform: Above All, Holiness

Over the past several months, as story after story of clerical misconduct filled the papers and the news broadcasts, I have thought time and...
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