Helping others: The ride of your life

Near the beginning of a 464-mile bike tour, my right knee gave out. I pulled over to a Ride the Rockies aid station in a tiny town in Colorado and […]


Father Joseph Hearty on ministering to the dying

Father Joseph Hearty is the parochial vicar at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish in Littleton. In this video interview, he talks about his role as a priest in ministering […]

Q&A: Matthew Kelly brings ‘passion and purpose’ to Denver

In the Catholic world, Matthew Kelly is a giant. He’s written several best-selling books, encouraging people to become the “best-version-of-themselves,” and travels all over the world encouraging people in their […]

Preparing for the hour of death

The Catholic Church “encourages us to prepare ourselves for the hour of our death,” (Catechism 1014), and provides ministry to the dying. Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter Father Joseph Hearty, […]

Mideast Christian advocates call for safe zones in Syria

Though mainstream media is relatively silent when it comes to the situation in the Middle East, a very real threat still looms overseas, one that continues to affect millions of […]


Your life in God’s hands

Recently, Pope Francis met with a contingent of people who suffer from Huntington’s Disease, a rare genetic illness that causes movement, cognitive and psychiatric disorders. “For Jesus,” he told them, […]

FAQs on Assisted Suicide and the Sacraments

Beginning in 2017, it is legal for Colorado doctors to write a suicide prescription for a consenting person who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness with six months or […]


Catholic Lite and Europe’s demographic suicide

Ten years ago, after my meditation on Europe, The Cube and the Cathedral, had appeared in several languages, I was invited to speak to members of the European Parliament in […]

FOCUS missionaries ‘go forth’ beyond college campuses

The Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) has plenty of stories of college students whose lives have been changed by encountering Christ through the organization’s national conferences or through the […]

Women, the world and the Church need your creativity

Creating a culture of hope can start with the smallest of seeds: creativity. This was the message “Hello Beauty” — a retreat aimed to inspire women to encounter God through […]


13 Reasons Why NOT

I watched 13 Reasons Why, so you don’t have to. You’re welcome. I wanted to write about the show, but I wanted to know what I was talking about it. […]


A Hillarian lesson for Church leaders

Perhaps it was being “overcome with Paschal joy” (as the Prefaces for Easter put it). Maybe it was my guardian angel whispering in my ear. Perhaps I’m just getting older […]