Archbishop Aquila

Our Shepherd

Archbishop Aquila

Paris, Nigeria: brotherhood rejected

January 22, 2015

The need for peace in every corner of the world has been weighing upon my heart following the terrorist attacks in Paris and the mass slaughter of thousands by Boko Haram in Nigeria. The calculated brutality of these attacks has stunned us all and made our hearts ache. But the cause of these murders is… Read more »

George Weigel

The Catholic Difference

George Weigel

Europe and nothingness

January 20, 2015

In the wake of the horrific jihadist attack on the Paris-based journal Charlie Hebdo, the trope “satirical magazine” was regularly deployed to explain Charlie’s character and content. But that’s not-quite-right. And what’s wrong about it—when linked to the sentiment expressed on placards reading “We are all Charlie Hebdo”—suggests just how much trouble Europe is in,… Read more »

Matt and Mindy Dalton

Marriage Missionaries

Matt and Mindy Dalton

Say ‘I do’ to 3 New Year’s resolutions for couples

January 15, 2015

Now that we all have lost five pounds since implementing better eating and a new workout routine, and started a new budget for the year (and this one we are going to stick to), we want to talk about some resolutions that could have a longer effect: on our soul. Since the ultimate goal of… Read more »

Gina Warner

View from the Pew

Gina Warner

Location, location, location

January 16, 2015

Praying in front of Planned Parenthood is one of the last places I ever thought I’d find myself. But that’s exactly where God invited me on a cold day last winter. It was prompted by my job. The Catholic apostolate where I worked at the time was supporting 40 Days for Life, and I was… Read more »

Living outside the box

November 26, 2014

A 63-year-old woman in Denver plans to build awareness of homelessness and raise funds by living in a box on the streets for 48 hours, Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. Oh wait, that woman is me! This year I will celebrate Thanksgiving on the streets with the homeless to let them know I care; that… Read more »

Larry Smith

Call to Charity

Larry Smith

Saving one baby every week—and their families

January 12, 2015

You have been part of an amazing life-saving mission—and we have much more work to do. Lighthouse Women’s Center, located in Denver across the street from a massive Planned Parenthood abortion facility, will soon record the 100th baby born to women served at Lighthouse. Since March 2013, we have averaged one precious baby a week,… Read more »

Fr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk

Making Sense of Bioethics

Fr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk

Esteem elders and foster solidarity across generations

January 08, 2015

Occasionally we hear disturbing stories in the media about young people who perpetrate abuse against the elderly. In a widely reported 2009 story, for example, caretakers at the Quadrangle Assisted Living facility outside Philadelphia were charged in connection with the abuse of an elderly patient named Lois McCallister. Three employees, aged 19, 21 and 22,… Read more »

Chris Stefanick

Real Life Catholic

Chris Stefanick

Dark Horse

August 28, 2014

Hip-hop and rap “love songs” seem to be ever more about the person singing or rapping, and about their sexual prowess, power, or wealth (aka “bling”), than about the object of their affection. It’s so self-absorbed it’s embarrassing, or at least it would be if their fan base took the time to think critically about… Read more »

Don’t forget your angel

October 21, 2014

Many of us forget, apart from the rosary, the month of October is also dedicated to the holy angels. Some are unaware of this supernatural reality, or relegate it to cute little images of angels who spend eternity sitting comfortably on billowing white clouds strumming on a harp; or childlike angels who swoop around, giggling… Read more »

Guest Column

Tina McCormick

A saint for everybody

October 30, 2014


All Saints’ Day, Nov. 1, the faithful pay tribute to canonized saints—those believed to already be in heaven based on a life “lived in fidelity to God’s grace” (CCC, No. 828). While All Saints’ Day is traditionally recognized as a holy day of obligation, it is not this year since it falls on a Saturday,… Read more »