Therese Bussen

Therese Bussen


Here’s what 65 years of marriage looks like

While divorces are still very common and the average age of young people marrying is older every year (for men, it’s almost 30; for women it’s about 27), true love […]

Catholic-friendly films on Netflix: September

Much of the time spent on Netflix is in the search for something to watch, and the inventory is updated so frequently that it’s hard to keep track of recently […]

What is consecration and why do it?

On Oct. 13, the 100th anniversary of the final apparition of Our Lady at Fatima, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila will consecrate the Archdiocese of Denver to the Immaculate Heart of […]

St. Jude marks 50 years of vibrant community

As a young Lakewood parish in August 1967 without a church building, Father William “Bill” Sievers knew that he had to get creative with the young families in his care. […]

Q&A: Alejandro Bermudez to open St. John Paul II Lecture Series

The Catholic Church has always been universal, embracing the diversity of every land, race and culture as she has spread to the ends of the earth. In the U.S., the […]


7 ways to rise above the Hunger Games that is social media

The scenes at the Cornucopia in The Hunger Games, both in the books and films, are some of most intensely violent parts of the story, hard to read or watch. […]

How visiting prisoners can change your life (and theirs)

Sometimes people surprise us for the better. For Lorenzo Patelli, leader of one of the Communion and Liberation (CL) communities in Denver, and a man called “J,” a former inmate […]

From Boondock Saints to FOCUS missionary

Not even a gangster movie is out of the Holy Spirit’s limits to reach into a heart and stir conversion. That’s what happened to Joshua Ivie and his wife, Nikki, […]

Saint Gianna’s daughter to visit Denver for public event

St. Gianna Beretta Molla, canonized in 2004 by St. John Paul II, is heralded as a pro-life hero because she gave up her life for her unborn child — and […]

Denver catechists needing a recharge? Look no further.

Catechists have a unique call to communicate the beauty of Christ and his Church to students, and in order to do so, must have encountered God in their own relationship […]

Celiac or Gluten-free? Common FAQ’s for Communion

With news circulating earlier this month that people with celiac disease were banned from receiving Communion, it led to a lot of confusion. Here’s a quick list of FAQ’s to […]

Women’s health and a deeper faith: The benefits of NFP

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is an integral part of family life for many Catholics, helping them achieve, avoid or space pregnancies. But the benefits of NFP don’t just apply to […]