Therese Bussen

Therese Bussen


What the saints have to say about gratitude

Gratitude isn’t just for the season of Thanksgiving, it’s part of a healthy spiritual life. It’s everywhere in the Bible, from the Psalms (“Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his […]

This one daily practice can transform you both spiritually and mentally

The Thanksgiving season is usually when we more intentionally think about gratitude — but it often ends with the holiday. While it’s good to remember what we’re thankful for during […]

Ways to give to the poor this Christmas

Giving to the poor is something we should all do as Christians, but as we remember that Christ gave himself to us when he became man, the Christmas season is […]

What to watch on Netflix: November

Here are films and shows coming to Netflix in November, as well as a few things you might want to check out before they leave. Be sure to check IMDB’s […]

Saints with rough pasts: Never too far gone

No one is ever too far gone for a change of heart — and there are several saints to prove it. From the murderers, the promiscuous, the thieves, the atheists […]

Catholic medical students fearlessly take pro-life issues head on

With abortion and contraception deemed as necessary practices in the medical field, and now with the legalization of physician-assisted suicide in Colorado, the healthcare field is not friendly to the […]

Archbishop consecrates Archdiocese of Denver to Immaculate Heart of Mary

On the centennial of Our Lady’s final apparition to the Fatima children and the Miracle of the Sun on Oct. 13, hundreds were gathered in the Cathedral Basilica of the […]

Secular Carmelites in Denver? A vocation you probably weren’t aware of

There are plenty of religious orders: Dominicans, Franciscans, Salesians, Jesuits, Carmelites — but did you know about secular orders? Secular orders, or third orders, are branches of religious orders for […]

Who is Saul Alinsky?

Gradual infiltration of ideas so as to shape culture without its members even realizing it: This is what one man in the 20th century set out to do — and […]

What’s on Netflix: October

After sharing some films available on Netflix available last month, here are films and shows coming to Netflix in October, as well as a few things you might want to […]

Is it possible to be a professional Catholic painter today?

As the Archdiocese of Denver has prepared for consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, one particular image of her stood out — a painting by Cameron Smith, which depicts […]

Msgr. Horrigan remembered as “humble, faith-filled man”

Msgr. Leo Horrigan, after suffering from a long illness, died Sept. 17, 2017, after serving for 56 years as a priest. He was 83. The longtime Denver resident was born […]