Therese Bussen

Therese Bussen


From Boondock Saints to FOCUS missionary

Not even a gangster movie is out of the Holy Spirit’s limits to reach into a heart and stir conversion. That’s what happened to Joshua Ivie and his wife, Nikki, […]

Saint Gianna’s daughter to visit Denver for public event

St. Gianna Beretta Molla, canonized in 2004 by St. John Paul II, is heralded as a pro-life hero because she gave up her life for her unborn child — and […]

Denver catechists needing a recharge? Look no further.

Catechists have a unique call to communicate the beauty of Christ and his Church to students, and in order to do so, must have encountered God in their own relationship […]

Celiac or Gluten-free? Common FAQ’s for Communion

With news circulating earlier this month that people with celiac disease were banned from receiving Communion, it led to a lot of confusion. Here’s a quick list of FAQ’s to […]

Women’s health and a deeper faith: The benefits of NFP

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is an integral part of family life for many Catholics, helping them achieve, avoid or space pregnancies. But the benefits of NFP don’t just apply to […]

Want school choice? Oppose the Blaine Amendment

On July 18, the Colorado Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights held a public briefing to examine the Blaine Amendment as a civil rights issue based on […]

Want to know more about NFP? Start here.

Whether you’ve been practicing Natural Family Planning for years or are brand new to the idea of “going natural,” these books and resources are a good place to learn about […]

NFP in real life: Hard, but worth it

In honor of NFP Awareness Week, which begins July 23, let’s talk about sex. Natural Family Planning (NFP) is offered as an option to help Catholic families either achieve or […]

How deacons give life to the Church

The calling and ministries of the diaconate are as varied as the men who serve in it. For Deacon Don Tracy, the call to the diaconate was a long one, […]

Bishop Conley: Silence is the deeper vocation of a teacher

With the opening of Frassati Catholic Academy this fall, the continued success of Our Lady of Lourdes School, as well as the newly-added classical track at Bishop Machbeuf High School, […]

Make Church art great again

Art in the Church is not what it used to be. But in the past, particularly during the Italian Renaissance, the Catholic Church contributed some of the greatest works of […]

What makes a Catholic church Catholic?

Catholic churches in the past were immediately recognizable by their exterior grandeur as well as their interior parts; today, that may not be as true — but there are still […]